Magician and Entertainer!!

Since a child David has always had the mind of a magician. As a seasoned entertainer he now dazzles his audiences every time. He effortlessly creates a sense of wonder and amazement in any situation. This is why he gets repeat bookings.

Literally thousands of people have been mesmerised by his skill. As both an entertainer and a magician he makes the impossible possible. David has performed for most of the top 40 blue chip companies in addition to product launches, charity events and private functions.

If you want live refreshing entertainment, come and see David perform at the various venues throughout South Africa.

David is always improving, creating and pushing himself too higher levels and has performed alongside South Africa’s stars.

Seeing is believing. Are mind reading, telekinesis, and future predictions really possible? Find yourself in a world where all things can happen – and do! David will perform wonders for a crowd of 50 or 200. Not only will he leave you with memories for years to come but will restore the joy of the child within you!

Take your private or corporate function/event to the next level. Watch David perform expert sleight of hand miracles. Feel the energy, fun and excitement. Watch people gaze in amazement as the fork twists and turns. Paper changes to money. Cards appear from no-where and much more.

Have your mind stretched into areas of entertainment you never knew existed. Experience magic and the crazy comedy that goes with it.

Master of Ceremonies

Brighten up your functions with an intelligent, funny, quick thinking and very magical MC – David is your ideal MC.

What is that special something that makes you blink, gasp,
shake your head in wonder and want to see it all over again!

corporate magician

Be taken on a Magical Journey Into Wonderland

corporate entertainment

“We have used David over the years, and will continue to use him. He is skilled at his craft and has an ability to establish rapport with people very quickly, that and accompanied with a very good sense of humour he always wows the crowd.”
Provantage Events & Experiences

“People were not expecting what David did. It was astonishing to say the least. We will definitely be booking you again.”
Standard Bank

“Fantastic show. David really lifted the atmosphere and is a very skilled magician, brilliant entertainment, well done !!!”
The Royal Bank of Scotland

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To name a few 🙂

Whats the magicians definition of…..Magic?

There are hundreds of personal interpretations of what magic is. It boils down to simply this. Magic is to witness the impossible happen while experiencing how your brain breathes 😉

Some Cool Optical Illusions

By playing with perspectives and removing depth the human eye and brain can be tricked into seeing things that are not actually happening. The result is an optical illusion. By using lines, color and geometrical patterns, some weird magic can happe ….read more and see some interesting examples of these cool illusions in action.hap

Peppers Ghost

For the past 150 year Peppers Ghost has been used in side show acts such as the girl to Gorilla trick and various avant garde theatre productions. Now days it has been used extensively in theatre, music concerts such as Madonna performing with the Gorillaz at the MTV Europe Awards, TV, advertising, amusement parks and where ever you feel it could be used (I let you think about that for a while)…Read More about Peppers Ghost and the modern day 3D hologram. (There are also instructions on how to make your own hologram using a cell phone or tablet,  have fun with that! ;-))

The Ames Room

The Ames room has been used in creative installations as well as cinema. In movies the Ames room goes as far back as the 1960`s where it was used in the TV series ‘Voyage to the bottom of the sea’. In Lord of the Rings, the scenes in the Shire used Ames rooms to achieve the Gandalf hobbits size difference. On the page there is a PDF print out that shows you how to make your own Ames Room…Read more about this amazing application.

The cutest little dragon illusion Ever

This is the coolest illusion ever. The concept is an old one. The construction of the shape is inverted however the shadows and shape hide that fact. The result is that where ever you are positioned the face of the dragon is always looking at you. On the page there are downloadable PDFs that you can print out and make your own dragon illusion. Its the coolest thing. Make sure you watch the video to see the effects, its mind blowing…read more