the Ames rooms

the Ames room

The key to the Ames room illusion is the fact that you look through the keyhole with one eye therefore flattening out any true perspective. As seen in the diagram below the shape of the room is a trapezoid. A forced perspective is in play here. Both the ceiling and the floor are angled at an incline, and with slanted walls and a corner that is pushed forward the Ames Room can do miracles.

From the camera or viewers perspective there are two objects, lets call them people standing against the back wall. The one person is really small while the other is really tall. The weird thing is when they swop positions the small person grows and the tall person shrinks.

The Ames room has been used in creative installations as well as cinema. In movies the Ames room goes as far back as the 1960`s where it was used in the TV series ‘Voyage to the bottom of the sea’. In Lord of the Rings, the scenes in the Shire used Ames rooms to achieve the Gandalf hobbits size difference.

the Ames Room Construction

 So you want to know how to make an Ames room

Please download the PDF and print it out. The image below is also a link to the PDF. The PDF comes with instruction of what to do. Enjoy it, its fun exercise to do!!

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